We are really proud to have been choosen as a Tootoot Advocate School. This means that our pupils will have a voice in how Tootoot is developed to help them feel happy and safe in our school.

Tootoot is an anti-bullying and pupil voice app that give our pupils another way to speak up.

Tootoot allows pupils to have a confidential conversation with staff within school, and is a safe place to raise any issues or concerns they may be experiencing.

We’re encouraging our pupils to use tootoot to talk about any concerns they may have. It could be bullying, cyberbullying, mental health concerns or worries about upcoming exams – there is nothing too big or too small for tootoot.

Tootoot is available for pupils to use 24/7 across all devices, including computers and mobile phones. Please note, that you may only receive responses during school hours.

For pupils wishing to access tootoot please click here 

For parents or carers who wish to find out more about tootoot you can speak with Mrs Williams or visit

Quote from tootoot CEO

“We are delighted to be working so closely with St Werburgh’s and St Columba’s Catholic Primary School. They are one of our advocate schools and we are always so impressed at their forward-thinking approach to anti-bullying and safeguarding. The focus and effort they place on making their school a happy and safe place to be for their pupils is incredible.” Michael Brennan, CEO and Co-Founder, tootoot.

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