“Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

John F. Kennedy

What is the vision for PE in our school?

At St Werburgh's & St Columba's Primary School, we believe all our children should receive high-quality physical education which engages and encourages success and excellence in competitive sport at all levels and for all abilities. We want our children to expereince a wide range of physically-demanding activities in lesson time, beyond the school day and beyond the school gates.

Physical education should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in different sports and activities build character and resilience as well as helping to embed values such as fairness, honesty and respect.

What does our PE curriculum offer to our pupils?

We believe that P.E. can do so much more than just keep children  physicaally fit. We feel it is also important for us to promote the benefits that PE has for our mental well being. Being physically active not only improves our health, but can also have a dramatic impact on our learning. Regular physical activity helps to improve concentration, relieve stress and build confidence – all qualities we want to see in our children. We endeavour to provide all our pupils with an inclusive, high-quality physical education across a range of sports so that they become competent and confident sportspeople.

We aim to develop our children’s physical literacy through the implementation of a broad and progressive curriculum with three core values of the head, heart and hands that drives our improvement and progress during lessons

Through our regular attendance at inter-school sports events, St Werburgh's & St Columba's Catholic Primary School has seen a lot of success in recent years, bringing home awards in several areas including football (including a national title wonat Wembley), rugby, indoor and outdoor district athletics, gymnastics, rounders and cricket.  As well as this, our pupils are often celebrated for their fantastic attitudes and excellent sportsmanship. 

What effect does our PE curriculum have on our children?

As we encourage our children to be life long learners, we want to instill a passion for activity, exercise and physical development. We want our children to continue to persue a range of different activities in a range of environments throughout their lives in order to maintain good physical and mental health. As they explore more and more of the many and varied sports and activities available, we hope that they will enrich their lives and become active members in their local communities which they live as well as making positive connections with poeple they meet along the way.

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Curriculum Progression Maps

Below are a series of links to the progression maps for each element of PE that the children will be exploring during each academic year. Each document outlines the key skills for each year group that the children will encounter and demonstrates how skills are developed over time.

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