Prayers for Children

At the 2014 Vatican Christmas Mass, Pope Francis thanked all the children who came; and told them that "Prayer is the breath of the soul". He told every child to find a little time each day to say prayers, because God really does listen to our prayers; and that praying a little each day will make each of us a more spiritual & loving person.

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation has been introduced throughout the school. Through Christian Meditation staff and children meditate upon the Aramaic word "Maranatha." This word translates as "Come, Lord Jesus." The school community spends time after lunch to have a Christian Meditation session. These sessions allow the school community to spend a few moments of silence with God.

Our School Prayer

St.Werburgh’s & St. Columba’s School Prayer

Thank you Lord for this lovely new day.

Bless  all that we do and all that we say.

Help us and guide us to take care of each other

To share and be kind and to love one another.

We ask you to guide us as we walk down life’s path

As we follow in your footsteps to love, learn and laugh.

St. Werburgh protects us

St. Columba guard us



Here are some more prayers, just a few, that you are free to use, if you wish.

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