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Welcome to the Year 1 page! This is where you will find out about what is happening in Year 1. We will update our page regularly with information that you will need so if you're ever unsure, please check here.

Year 1 LHLR- Ms Hainey and Mrs Rowlands

Ms Hainey                                Mrs Rowlands

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Our class saint is Saint Francis of Assisi and our classroom is Amelia Earhart

Year 1TE- Mrs Ebbrell

Our class saint is Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and our classroom is Mother Theresa



Information about Year 1

Staff in Year 1:

  • Mrs Ebbrell, Ms Hainey and Mrs Rowlands- teaching staff. 
  • Mrs Buckmaster -  HLTA who works with groups for English, phonics and maths in the mornings       


PE Lessons

PE lessons are on a Wednesday afternoon with Mr Stevens. The children are to arrive at school in their PE kit and will wear it all day. The children can wear trainers and do not need pumps at the moment. We will let you know when PE will take place outside when the children will need to wear joggers and a sweatshirt or fleece in colder weather. They may also bring a spare pair of socks in their book bag in case they need to change after the lesson. 

The children need to bring to school each day - their book bag, water bottle (water only) and a healthy snack. Afternoon snack is provided. The children will read with their teacher once a week during Guided Reading but are asked to keep their reading books inside their book bag daily. 


Fact Files

We use fact files in school to help your child understand more about the topics covered during the school year. These contain key dates from the time period studied, vocabulary discovered during learning and some key facts and information about the topic.  

Please see below for links to Year 1 Fact Files. 

Phonics Screening

During Year 1 there is an emphasis on phonics. In June each year, the children participate in a Phonics Screening check to ensure that they have acquired the phonic knowledge needed to progress with their reading and writing.

The Phonics Screening Check is a test in a one-to-one setting with a teacher. During the Phonics Screening Check, children are asked to read (decode) 40 words. Most of these words are real words but some are pseudo-words.

Phonics sounds mats can be found below.


Homework newsletters are sent home every other week. Attached will be an activity or two to do at home. Please keep these at home and practise these skills. 

During Year 1, the children will begin to learn spellings for homework. These will be sent home on a Friday to be learned for the quiz on the following Friday. Your child will bring home their book to share their results with you. Please return these on the following Monday morning.


Autumn Term 2021

During the Autumn Term the children will be following a transition curriculum where they will gradually move from working in an EYFS type classroom setting with continuous provision for the children to access independently throughout the day, to working in a more formal Key Stage 1 setting. During the Autumn term the children will work in small teacher led focus groups as well as taking part in whole class teaching sessions and independent learning with their peers. 

In their English work the children will look at the book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers and 'Nibbles by 'Emma Yarlett'. They will work on writing simple sentences and beginning to use capital letters and full stops.

In maths we will be focussing on place value to 10 including addition and subtraction. The children will learn about whole-part models, ten frames, bar models, base ten etc. They will also begin to use the equals sign and the inequality syymbols < and >.

They will look at Hoole and Chester in their geography work and will learn about the Gunpowder Plot in history. In art they will discover the work of Paul Klee and Friedrich Hundertwasser and use this to inspire mark making and printing. In science we will be asking questions to find out about humans and other animals. We will investigate our five senses and use our observation skills to group animals. 


Spring Term 2022


During the Spring Term we will be following a more structured timetable where children will all be working on a given task at the same time. Some will work with the teacher/adult and some will be expected to work independently.

In English, the children will be looking at the books 'The Lion inside' by Rachel Bright and  'The curious case of the Missing Mammoth' by Ellie Hattie. They will continue to learn to write sentences that start with a capital letter and end with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. They will be working on ensuring that their writing sits on lines, letters are formed correctly and there are finger spaces between every word.  At some point, they will be introduced to pre-cursive handwriting where lead-ins are used on most letters.

In Maths we will be concentrating on place value to 50 and addition and subtraction within 20. We will also cover shape and measure.

Our Science this term is 'Everyday Materials and our Geography topic is 'Hot and Cold Places'. Please see fact files below for further information.


Summer Term 2022

In English, the children will be looking at the books ' Toys in Space' by Mini Grey and 'Goldilocks and Just the One Bear' by Leigh Hodkinson. The children will be working hard to use the correct punctuation as independently and consistently as possible. They will also be using a range of suffixes e.g. -ed, -er, -est and -ing within their writing. We will now begin teaching pre-cursive letters in preparation for children learning to join their letters in Year 2. As we cover this in class, we will begin sending home additional resources for your child to practise at home.

In maths, we will be learning about multiplication and division, fractions and place value of numbers up to 100. We will also complete units on position and direction, money and time.

Our science topic for this term is ‘Plants’ and our history topic is ‘Toys – past and present.’ Please see Fact Files below for additional information.



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