Quarantine / Isolation Work - Reception 2021 - 2022

*Please see our Remote Learning Policy*

*Please see our Remote Learning Policy*

Isolation Activities - Spring Term 2022

Hello Reception children and your families!

While you are not in school, we have some fun things for you to do!   We miss you, and we look forward to seeing you when you come back. Remember, this is a long list of ideas, you don't have to try to do them all.


Maths Learning:

White Rose Maths provide daily maths lesson clips and activities which match the work we are covering in school. Our current topic is Alive in 5! There are 5 sessions for each week, so click on the corresponding lesson to view today’s learning.



Activities using objects around the house:

  • Count objects in the house – eg stairs, pictures, cars, dolls, cups on the table, etc
  • Take out a handful of small toys eg lego bricks or play figures. Count how many you have. Add one more – how many are there now?  What would happen if you take one away? 
  • Play a board game – rolling the dice or spinning the spinner to see how many spaces you need to move
  • Use bricks or boxes to make a tower of 5. Can you make a taller tower?  How many did you use?  Can you make a shorter tower?  How many did you use?
  • Choose a shape and go on a shape hunt around the house – how many squares can you find? What about circles or triangles, rectangles or ovals?
  • Get out some boxes or toys. Which is the tallest?  What about the shortest?  Can you put them in order?


Activities using a computer or device:

Play Ladybird counting game online


Play Counting Toys game on espresso learning (contact school if you don’t have login details)



Phonics Activities:

Activities using resources you have at home:

  • Play fast fingers using your sound and tricky word mats – can you play with a grown up and catch them out if you are being the teacher?
  • Choose a sound on the sound mat and practise writing it – say the rhyme to help (watch the videos on See saw if you need a reminder)
  • Choose a word on the tricky word mat and practise writing it. Can you think of a sentence with that tricky word in?  Tell your grown up the sentence.  See if you can find that tricky word in your reading book.  Can you count how many times you can find it?

Activities using a computer or device:

Read one of your new books on Bug Club (contact the office if you don’t have login details)

Play this blending (sounding out) game on Espresso Learning (contact the office if you don’t have login details)



Play this reading game on Espresso Learning:



Play this segmenting (spelling) game on Espresso Learning:



Play Read the Sentence on Espresso Learning:



Other Activity Ideas:

  • Practise writing your name, making sure you are writing the letters correctly.
  • Have fun with Cosmic Kids:



  • Draw a picture for a member of your family or one of your friends. Think about the shapes you will need to draw, and the colours you will need to use.
  • Telephone someone who doesn’t live in your house or video call them – perhaps you could sing them a song or dance for them!
  • Use something from your recycling bin to make something – maybe you could make a robot or a vehicle, or a machine?
  • Enjoy a storytime with one of your grown ups at home, with a family member or friend on a video call, or with a storyteller online:



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